Ghost in the Bathroom

As I lie in bed, sick as a dog, listening to my favorite radio program it reminded me of a time when I was young.  I was around 12, 6th grade, and my parents had just bought a house.  We moved into the house and all seemed well. 

The house was a two-story house.  At the top of the stairs the bathroom was on the left side.  The master bedroom was straight ahead.  Then off to the right there was a hallway with a room on each side at the end of the hall. 

For the next couple years after moving into the house I would get up in the middle of the night for whatever reason, most often to use the bathroom, and find the cat sitting in from of the bathroom.  I would stand there and watch the cat wondering what it was looking at.  The cat would just stare into the bathroom for who knows how long.  It was a bit creepy, but I would go into the bathroom looking for a fly or something and never found anything. 

This continued for a long while, I was well into junior high, then one day I was talking with the neighbor girls across the street from me.  For whatever reason they brought up my house in the conversation.  I asked them what they were talking about.  They said they were friends with the girls that lived in the house before me and that bad things had happened. 

I asked them to elaborate.  Apparently, the dad, or husband, that lived in the house right before us had committed suicide in the house before we moved in.  My parents were privy to this information due to disclosure laws, but I was in the dark.  I asked them what happened.  The neighbor girls didn’t know a lot, but said that the dad committed suicide in the upstairs bathroom.  Shortly after that the family moved out of the house and we moved in. 

I was a little awe struck by this news, but didn’t think twice about it all.  Then later that night as I was trudging up the stairs to go to my room, I saw the cat sitting in front of the bathroom again.  Just staring into the room like it was watching something. 

That’s when I started to put two and two together.  Things all the sudden were really creeping me out now.  What are the odds that cat could see something I couldn’t?  Was it coincidence that the cat just happened to hang out staring into the room a man killed himself in? 

As much as I would like to believe it was all innocent.  I tend to believe it was not coincidence that the cat would be staring into that room.  I firmly believe that the man who killed himself in the bathroom left something behind or his ghost lingered in that room.  That is what fascinated the cat so much. 

Still creeps me out thinking about it to this day, some 25 years later.  Some things just never leave you. 


Sick – Flu – Whatever

A few days ago, I woke up with a 103f degree temperature.  I was in agony.  My whole body was wracked with pain and aches.  My face was hurting from congestion and my throat was extremely sore. 

A couple days went by and things seemed like they were getting better.  Was taking Motrin for the sickness and Norco for the normal pain that I have.  A pretty good combo when you’re sick.  I was feeling better and ended up going back to work on Saturday thinking everything was ok. 

That was a mistake.  As soon as I arrived at work I wished I had stayed home.  I was feeling like I had another fever and was profusely sweating.  I drugged my self up and dragged myself through the work day.  Went home and went straight to bed. 

This morning I woke up took my temperature and had another 102f degree fever.  I hurt all over.  Plus it felt like I was swallowing golf balls, my throat had gotten worse.  I was profusely sweating again and couldn’t get cool.  Not good. 

Now I’m adding to the mix a cough with dark green phlegm.  Ears that are plugged up with something making it hard to hear out of one ear.  Nothing is getting better. 

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow afternoon so hopefully he can tell me what is wrong.  At least give me some antibiotics.  I think I will need some. 

Due to my illness I have not been blogging much.  Just giving an update as to why.  I have not abandoned my blog.  I am under some critical stress right now.  I will be back.   

Podcasts – Some of My Favorites

I love podcasts.  I have been listening to podcasts since they first started to appear on the scene with my first-generation iPod.  I have watched podcasting grow and become a media juggernaut.  There is a podcast for everything now days.  People have built podcasting empires.  There are multiple podcasting companies and platforms in which to listen to them.  They are ever growing in scope and popularity.  It has been quite interesting watching them expand and become what they are now. 

Not sure why, but the name, podcast, fascinates me.  It has become synonymous with just a normal audio show although the name started with Apple.  Of course, the name podcast name from the fact that shows were being created for the Apple iPod.  Now though, since any device can play the audio, we just think of it as a show without thinking about the origins of the name or what device they can play on. 

Regardless of where the podcast originated I love listening to all kinds of different podcasts.  I love the fact that anyone can create a podcast and share it with the world.  I can hear so many different viewpoints from people just like me instead of super-millionaire media entertainers.  Everything about podcasting falls right into what I like. 

I remember a time in particular when the TV show “Lost” was airing.  I would listen to 5 or 6 different podcasts on theories for the show.  Different angles and aspects of the show that I missed, but other people picked up on.  History that I didn’t know about that added layers to the show.  It all came from regular guys and gals who shared a similar interest as me. 

With that being said I thought I would share a portion of podcasts that I listen to.  I will also list some podcasts that I have in-waiting that sound really interesting to me. 

I really enjoy story telling podcasts.  Podcasting just seems like such the perfect medium for that type of show.  I also enjoy a good serial type story-telling podcast.  Other podcast genres I like are interviews and deep thought, philosophical, shows, or good educational shows. 

The following podcasts are some of my favorites right now: 

The Moth- 

The Moth is a podcast put out by PRX.  They are a big network of producing podcasts.  I believe that PRX receives funding as well.  This allows them to produce some high-quality content and podcasts. 

The Moth is a story-telling podcast.  There is a theme for the podcast and 3-4 different people tell personal stories based on that theme.  This podcast also tends to be a “clean” story telling podcast.  There isn’t a lot of swearing or explicit sexual stories.   


This is another story-telling podcast.  A similar style of story-telling as the moth, but with a twist.  They are a free for all story-telling.  Anything goes.  The stories tend to be longer without time limits.  There is language and very explicit stories of sex and kink.  The pod cast is not funded like The Moth, but relies on donors and a couple sponsor like for revenue to keep the podcast going. 

I love this podcast.  I would say out of all the podcast I listen to this is one of my favorites.  I like the rawness of the stories.  Nothing is held back and just feels real to me.  Much more so than other story-telling podcast I listen to.  If you don’t mind bad word and lots of sex, give this one a try for sure. 

The Story Collider- 

This is yet another story-telling podcast.  (See the theme I like here??)  This one however is revolving around science and math.  There are themes for each podcast like the other podcasts, but the stories are all told about science or by scientists.  It’s an interesting podcast. 

You get to hear a lot about how science happens behind the scenes, or just things that scientists deal with behind the scenes.  Sometimes it’s just scientist who has a funny story to tell.  Overall, it is a pretty clean podcast.  Not a lot of language, although, there is a few words here and there.  I would classify it as a family show overall.  If you like science and story-telling this would be for you. 

Those Conspiracy Guys- 

This is a talk show style podcast.  There is the main host and he brings in a couple people (friends?), to co-host the show with him.  They take some time to read up and study a certain topic for the show.  Each person has their own view and part of the topic they have studied.  Then they proceed to talk about the topic with what they have learned. 

The topics vary, but are all on a certain genre if you couldn’t tell by the name.  They have conspiracies, true crime, and other mysteries that might be unsolved or not.  Overall it is quite an intellectual stimulating show.  It makes you think. 

There is quite a bit of language throughout the show.  They like to joke around and joke around with each other.  Many times, the jokes are offensive, but funny.  If you don’t mind a few guys sitting around joking around with each other and talking about interesting topics, this is the show for you. 

Alice Isn’t Dead- 

This is a serial story-telling podcast.  There is a central story to each episode, but follows one character.  This a sci-fi, fantasy, sort of podcast.  Very well done.  It’s like listening to a radio show from the early times of radio.  There is music, sound effects, and all the other things that make a a great radio show. 

The writing is well done and the narration is top notch.  The story line is about a lesbian couple.  One of the partners, Alice, goes missing.  Alice’s partner goes out searching for her while driving a big rig across America.  She runs into all sorts of weird sci-fi type stuff along her travels.  Ever slowly getting closer to finding Alice. 

A great serial.  If you like old-style radio, this I think would be right up your alley. 

Id10t with Chris Hardwick- 

This podcast used to be called “The Nerdist,” but has recently renamed itself “Id10t.”  This is in the style of a late-night talk show.  The host is Chris Hardwick and occasional has some co-host with him. 

Chris has some fantastic guests in this podcast.  Many big names in movies and entertainment.  Then he sits down and just has a conversation with them.  It’s an interview style, but more conversational in tone.  Extremely well done. 

If you want to know what some of these big movie stars, or other well-known people, are like behind the scenes.  This would be the podcast to listen to.  Chris has a good way of getting his guests to open up and just talk like one of the guys, or gals, without being so uptight like they would be on an on-screen interview. 

There is some language and at times crude jokes.  A fantastic podcast overall.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this podcast. 

Here are some other podcasts for you to check out on your own.  They are honorable mentions in this post.  I won’t elaborate on them, but list them in case you want to go check them out and give them some love. 

Honorable Mentions: 

  • Lore 
  • The No Sleep Podcast 
  • Last Podcast on the Left 
  • Tanis 
  • The Truth 
  • The Land I Trust 

If you’ve never listened to a podcast hopefully this opens your eyes to what is out there.  There is a podcast for probably anything you are interested in.  Just have to go out and look.  For the average podcast listener I hope this helps point you in the direction of some new podcasts you may not have heard about before. 

Take a chance and give a podcast a try.  They are free and at worst you don’t listen to it again.  At best you’ve found a new podcast to listen to.  That’s how I do it and I’ve found a treasure trove of things to listen to.   


Stealing A Kiss

I have some future posts in mind that I would like to do.  However, some of the posts need context.  This post is to put some context on a relationship I have and had.  This is also a story of when I stole the best kiss of my life with the girl of my dreams.  I hope that you will enjoy the story because I lived it and I very much enjoyed everything.  Well, almost everything.

I’ve had a female friend since junior high.  When I first met her, I had an instant crush on her.  She lived next door to my best friend, so I was able to see her often since I was always at his house.  I went out of my way to be around her and spend as much time with her as possible.

Then we went into high school together.  She was my dream girl.  Eventually I decided to try to make the move from friend to boyfriend.  I told her how I felt and to my surprise she agreed to a date with me.

Our first date took place at her house.  I went over to watch “Interview with the Vampire” together.  Her parents were there, I’m guessing not by accident, and I was a little nervous as most young boys are in that situation.  Everything went fine though and after hanging out talking for a little while I prepared to leave and she walked me to the door.

As we stood outside I started talking to her some more.  I was just killing time.  I was stalling trying to work up the nerve to steal a kiss from her before I left her house.  Eventually I worked up the courage, but my nerves were so shot that I ended up saying, “You know what? I’m just going to kiss you now.”  I walked over and leaned in and stole that kiss I’d been dreaming about.  She kissed me back, a big win for me.  After that kiss I was cloud nine.

We dated for a few months before I ended up doing something I shouldn’t have in her eyes.  I cut school with some friends and ended up smoking some weed with them.  By the time we arrived back at school I was high as a kite.  When I went to meet her to walk her to her next class she noticed I was a little off.  She asked me what was going on and I told her thinking nothing about being high.  She ended up flipping out a little bit about me doing drugs and being back at school.  Things didn’t end very well for me that day.

She didn’t see me the rest of that day at school.  I called her at home and we talked for a little bit before she broke the news to me.  She thought it would be a good idea if we went back to just being friends.  A crushing blow to me.  However, I did enjoy our friendship, even though I wanted more, and I agreed to go back to being friends with her.

Although we never dated again after that, we remained friends.  In fact, we are still friends to this day some 20 years later.  We still talk and catch each other up on things.  We live in different states now, but I am so glad that she is still in my life.


Opiate Series – Introduction

Soon I will begin a series of posts regarding opiate medications.  I am working on the series from the perspective of someone who has a legitimate reason, and a prescription, for opiate therapy.  I want to explore some topics of interest to me regarding opiates and the sudden media attention they have been receiving.

I have put together a loose outline of what I am wanting to cover.  I might be adding or removing topics as the series progresses.  I don’t have an exact time frame that I would like to post these yet.  I am thinking I would like to shoot for at least one topic a week.  I am busy and not sure if I will have the time to devote to one topic a week, but that’s the goal for the moment.

The topics will be in addition to any regular posts I make during the week.  They will not be scientific by any means.  I do plan on doing some research for each topic.  How much just depends on how much time I have.  What I mainly want to do is talk about each topic from my point of view.  The point of view of someone who regularly needs, and uses, the medication.

Following is the loose outline that I have put together for now:

  1. The war on opiates
  2. Reasons I use opiates / overuse
  3. Different types of opiate prescriptions
  4. Opiate crisis
  5. Opiate needs / uses
  6. Is there over prescribing of opiates
  7. Gateway drug
  8. Dependency vs addiction
  9. Accidental dependency
  10. Is there over use of opiates
  11. Opiate Abuse
  12. Signs of addiction
  13. Treating patients like criminals
  14. Withdrawal symptoms
  15. PAWS

This is what I have ready for now.  That is the order I will post them in unless something changes.

I am really looking forward to doing this series of posts.  It will also be a chance for me to do some introspection.

I hope everyone will take a look and enjoy the posts.


4th Day – Norco Withdrawal

I am now into the 4th day of the Norco withdrawals.  Not fun, but not too bad this time around.  I am using 800mg Motrin for pain until I get my new prescription for Norco.  I use Xanax to calm my nerves when I’m getting over anxious.  Everything becomes just a mess while I’m going through withdrawals. 

My restless leg syndrome has been killing me.  It’s in my opinion one of the worst withdrawal symptoms.  My legs hurt and feel like I need to constantly stretch them, but I can’t stretch them enough.  Keeping my legs still is near to impossible.  That makes sleep damn near impossible.  Even taking Ambien for sleep I can’t fall asleep.  It looks like I’ll be heading to work without any sleep this morning. 

I am a bit surprised though, my depression isn’t as bad as it normally is.  I still have the feelings like I want to do something like blog, or draw, or play a game, but just don’t have the motivation to do anything. 

One more day and then all this is over for another month.  Hopefully I can get my shit right this month.  That’s my goal. 

Why am I not strong enough to overcome all?  How can I erase all the pain?  It is driving me mad and driving me insane. 

Super Lather Experiment

I found a blog post about creating a “Super Lather” that I found to be quite interesting.  You can read the post here:  

The basics of super lather are mixing soap with shaving cream and producing a top-notch lather.  I’d heard of doing this before, I’ve even thought about doing this before, but I never did and the thought never occurred to me again.  Until now. 

After reading this blog post I decided to go ahead and give it try.  I decided to start with some of my cheaper products first just to see how things worked without wasting the expensive stuff.  Using a blend I created of Van Der Hagen and Arko soap I added a dollop of Proraso shave cream to the bowl.  I loaded the brush up with about 30 seconds of soap and then mixed up the lather creation. 

To my surprise it worked out quite wonderfully.  Even using the cheap stuff, I had an awesome lather going.  I applied it to my face with a brush and proceeded to give it the shave test.  It passed with flying colors.  It was slick and glided easily without much friction at all. 

If I had to give this lathering technique a thumbs up or thumbs down, it would definitely be a big thumbs up.  I will try this technique again using some more of the expensive soaps and creams I have, but I expect great results.  I will use definitely be using this more often.