Journal Prompt Oct 31st 2018

What do you find scary?  What scares you the most?  How do you deal with the fear?



Tarot For Journal Prompts – How To


Tarot cards are a great way to get journal prompts or a direction for that days journal entry.  There are so many ways that you can use the cards.  Plus, there are so many different decks and themes.  Using just tarot cards you get endless ideas.

You can use tarot cards even if you know nothing about them.  All the decks that I have seen come with some sort of book.  The book usually gives meanings for each card.  If it doesn’t come with a book, or doesn’t have meanings you can always look them up online for free.  All you need to do is look up what the card or cards mean an use it as a jumping off point for a journal prompt.

You can do multiple things with the cards.  You can draw one card, look up the meaning of the card and then reflect on how those meanings refer to your current life.  Or use the meanings of the card as just a random journal prompt that you come up with that has nothing to do with your life, but just sounds fun to write about.  Different decks will sometimes have different meanings for their cards, but the process stays the same.

One thing to keep in mind is the card will have different meaning if it is drawn upright, or upside down.  Or sometimes referred to as upright and reversed.  So if the card is upside down you will want to look up reversed card meaning for the specific card.

Another way to use tarot cards is to use the artwork as a journal prompt.  Tarot cards have fantastic artwork.  There are so many decks out there and each deck with unique and amazing artwork for each card.  There are a couple ways to use the artwork to find a journal prompt.  You can stare at the card and reflect on what the image might mean.  What is happening in the image?  What kind of stories could you imagine the scene taking place in?  Or just start writing about you see and observe in the image.  It is amazing at what can happen once you just start writing about the simple stuff like what is happening in the image.  Imagery is very powerful for journal writing.  That’s what makes tarot cards so fantastic.

You can buy different decks from stores or online if you prefer to have the physical cards.  I have a couple physical decks that I pull out and use occasionally.  More often I use an app on my phone.  There are may different tarot apps out there.  Some for free and some paid apps.  You can find apps that have different decks or sometimes multiple decks in one app.  They are an easy and inexpensive way to use the tarot for journaling.  There are also websites that you can google that do similar things as the apps.  The apps I like the best are made by a company called The Fool’s Dog.  They make an app for many different decks.  You can do spreads with them, just draw one card, or whatever you want.  The app also contains all the meanings for the deck, often the book that accompanies the deck, and everything associated with each card.  It is wonderfully robust and useful.

One of the apps that I use quite often is the one of the more popular decks and you can find for android here: The Fool’s Dog: Tarot!

Here is an example of what we could do with a card.  We draw a single card and get this:


We draw the wheel of fortune card.  Now we could use just the imagery to come up with something.  The great thing about using just the imagery is that each person’s perspective will be unique and personal.  I won’t brain-storm imagery ideas here, but use the process above if you want to go that route.

After we draw the card we can look up the meanings for the card.  This card is upright, so I will do a quick google search for some basic meanings for The Wheel of Fortune card.  I come up with this after a quick search: Upright: Good luck, karma, life cycles, destiny, a turning point.

Now we have our meanings for the card.  Now we just look at each meaning and do a few different things with them.  We’ll start with the first meaning.  Good luck.  Have we had any good luck lately?  Could we use some good luck right now?  If so, what could we use the luck for?  Maybe we have a memory of a time when we had really good luck at something we did or tried to accomplish.  Maybe it reminds us of a fortune cookie that we had one day after a Chinese food meal.  These are just a few of many journal prompts right there.  Just from the first meaning of the card.

We can do this with each meaning of the card.  The great thing is, even if you use the same card on a different day, you could end up with many different prompts that you didn’t think of the last time.  Or something in your life could have changed since the last time and it brings up different emotions or memories.

I hope this will help you draw some meaning from you life.  These processes can bring an endless supply of journal prompts.  Many of them can bring self reflection if done right.




Fresh Blog – New Direction

I deleted all my previous content and started anew.  I have a new direction that I’d like to take this blog in and hope that everyone gets something out of it.  I have a passion for journaling and decided to make this blog about how to journal your life and everything that comes with it.

I am going to work on doing daily journal prompts for some inspiration in case you need a jumping off point.  We all hit that roadblock sometimes when we have a blank journal or blog page in front of us.  Sometimes all it takes it a little nudge to get the creative juices flowing.

I also hope to include quotes to inspire journaling and again get those creative juices flowing.  Quotes are a great way to make you think about things differently or ponder what the quote means or is referring to.  I love journaling when I get a good quote and reflect on the meaning and what it means to me.

This blog will also be a way for me to learn more about journaling and hopefully myself as well.  It will be way for me to share journaling articles, tips, posts, and anything else regarding the subject and help me reflect on what I am posting.

Journaling can take on many different forms.  It’s all a journey.  I hope that you come with me on this journey and I hope you get something out of this passion of mine.  If you have any suggestions for the blog, or something of relevance to add please feel free to drop me a line.

Devious Frog