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This page is still under construction.  I will be adding product descriptions as I get this page completed.  Also any personal experiences that I have with them and how to best use some of these apps or software.

This is far from all the digital journaling software and apps there are out there, but this is a good start to find something you will like.  Some of the more popular software and apps are listed first.

Journey –

Homepage: Journey Journal Software

Day One –

Homepage: Day One App

Penzu –

Homepage: Penzu Journals

Darium –

Homepage: Darium Software

Glimpses –

Homepage: Glimpses Software

Diaro –

Homepage: Diaro App


Momento –

Homepage: Momento App

Grid Diary –

Homepage: Grid Diary App

The Journal –

Homepage: The Journal Software

Rednotebook –

Homepage: RedNotebook Software

Five Minute Journal –

Homepage: Five Minute Journal App

Daylio –

Homepage: Daylio App

Journalist –

Homepage: Journalist Software

PaperStreet Journal –

Homepage: PaperStreet Journal Software

Dear Diary –

Homepage: Dear Diary Software

Efficient Diary –

Homepage: Efficient Diary Software

My Daily Digital Journal –

Homepage: My Daily Digital Journal Software

Memoires –

Homepage: Memoires Software

iDailyDiary –

Homepage: iDailyDiary Software

Journaley –

Homepage: Journaley Software

Digital Diary –

Homepage: Digital Diary Software

Life Journal –

Homepage: Life Journal

EverNote –

Homepage: EverNote Online

Microsoft Word –

Homepage: Microsoft Word Online

Microsoft OneNote –

Homepage: OneNote Online

Nimbus Note –

Homepage: Nimbus Note Online

MacJournal –

Homepage: MacJournal Software

DayGram –

Homepage: DayGram App

Narrate –

Homepage: Narrate App

Universal Diary/Universum –

Homepage: Universum App

Dream Journal Ultimate –

Homepage: Dream Journal Ultimate App





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